Sunday, November 06, 2005


I got a very nice email from Amy at that they aren't going to take my Anemone design for the Winter issue. Dang! Dang for me, that is--good for you, since I'm going to post it on my website instead.

So, now I can post a picture of it:

It's a neck gaiter with a flirty ruffle--lots of fun! Best of all, it's fairly quick to make, and very portable for while-in-transit projects. So why is it a neck gaiter and not a cowl, you ask? Well, that would be because it's tighter than a cowl--it very lightly hugs the neck, while a cowl drapes more around the neck. Now what's a wimple, you're wondering? Well, that's a larger cowl that can be pulled over the head like a hood, kind of. Yeah, that was probably more info than you wanted, but there it is anyway.

So now I just need a rejection from KnitPicks and my pathetic knitting life will be complete. Oh wait, no, I'll need to not win anything in the EZasPi Shetland Lace contest, too. Ha!! One good thing about being an established quilt pattern designer is that I'm used to rejection from publishers. I'll just have to keep designing. Gee, how awful. ;-) Throw me into that briar patch!

So, give me a day or so and I'll put up a link to the pattern, downloadable in PDF format. It'll take me a little while to remember how to do that, since it's been a while. :-)


Christine said...

Looks very nice. I look forward to a picture of it with a person in it. Better luck with the next submittal location!

EvaLux said...

Maybe you got rejected by, but I sure am looking forward to the pattern. Looks like something I could make for my cousins in Holland who bike through the winter to work and back LOL. I will make one for me too I'm pretty sure :)

Theresa said...

Don't feel too bad. I think any artisan can tell you it takes work, work and more work. You definitely are creative and I would recommend you keep "unventing" as EZ would of these days someone will be excited enough about your design to publish you! Thanks for all you share with us!

Kat said...

Wow, you guys are so supportive! Thanks! Now that I'm almost done with the fir cone shawl, I'll be able to get this pattern up sometime in the very near future, I hope. :-)

Anonymous said...

Your neck gaitor looks so cute on you. There are so many possibilities with that ruffled area for yarn, if one wants to wear it as a hat! Good going! and thanks for posting it!