Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I managed to leave out some rather important information, like yarn weight and how much!!
I'm working on a new introductory page for the pattern that will include that kind of information, so I hope to have that added late this evening.

For those of you who already have the pattern, here's the pertinent info:
The yarn is lace weight; I got mine from http://www.handpaintedyarn.com, and it started out in the "flirtation" colorway. I overdyed it because when I joined the second hank in the middle of the border the color was MUCH darker. Keep in mind that these balls were part of a set of three that were packaged together so I assumed (silly me, you know what they say about assuming) that they'd be close enough that you wouldn't notice. NOT!!!

I used approximately 4.25 ounces of yarn, which should be around 1,030 yards. Since this yarn is a bit on the thick-and-thin side, and due to variations among knitters, I'd recommend purchasing 1,200 yards. The yarn I used is supposed to be 850 yards per skein. Notice I said supposed to be. Mine was not. No big, at the price I paid I don't feel like I got cheated, but it does make it slightly more difficult to plan. My bag of three hanks was almost 1.5 ounces shy, but it wasn't a big deal for what I wanted it for.

So I'll add this info to the pattern and repost it late tonight. Thanks, everyone, for your help!!

Much later.....
I've posted the revisions!!
We're now at version 1-2, so if you have anything earlier you'll want to trash it and download the new one. It's grown to 9 pages, so it's a big file--be patient! I've included written instructions as well as the charts.


Theresa said...

Thanks so much for putting the pattern up for us. That is most generous of you. It is nice for me to have some free patterns to try as I am knitting shawls for ministry gifts to people with chronic/terminal illnesses. It cuts down on my costs and I can give more! :o) Thank you. I will try this one after Christmas.

Kat said...

It's my pleasure, Theresa!
If you wait until after Christmas there might be another revision (or two) so be sure to check back and make sure you've got the current version. :-)

Joanna said...

This looks like a lovely project, and a welcome chage from a triangle, I just may need to give it a go! How about a picture of it on a model?

Kat said...

Hi Joanna,
On the very last page of the pattern I put a picture of me in there, holding it up. My husband is camera-impaired with our current camera(but don’t tell him I told you! Grin) so it’s hard to get a good picture.
The way it wants to be is kind of like a Faroese shape, without the shoulder shaping. It does seem to sit on my shoulders nicely.
Thanks, Joanna!