Friday, February 17, 2006

Neck warmer pics, at last

I'm rather ashamed that it's taken me this long to post pictures of this project, but everything finally came together at the right time this morning (DD at school, DS napping, good light, camera batteries charged, etc).

I used Bernat's Disco yarn, in "Mr. Brown" although I think it's more of a coppery color, and size 8 bamboo dpns. It took almost every bit of three skeins. Thanks to Rori, Lee Ann, Dayna, and Naomi for the yarn!! The first skein was one that was free from Mary Maxim, and I couldn't find the same dye lot around here--it would've been reaaaaally obvious. So thanks to the generosity of those three wonderful women, I now have enough yarn left to do trim on a hat if I can find a wool or wool-blend yarn to coordinate with it. Wouldn't that just be luscious??

With the flash on, showing the sparklies in the yarn.

With natural light, the sparklies kind of blend in.

This shows the shape of the neck warmer. One end feeds through the loop (the narrow section) of the other side and it stays exactly where you want it.

Thanks to Sharon Stanger for the pattern!

This was my "mindless knitting" project for the last month or so, worked on in 20-minute increments a few nights a week. This is the same pattern as the blue neck warmer I made for my grandmother for Christmas, just with a longer plain section in the middle because the Disco yarn is bulkier. I do have to admit that I feel a little bit like a movie star when I wear this one, even if it is just to take DD to school. :-)


Pooch said...

Your neck warmer looks so huggy-comfy! What a pleasure it would be to wear it. I've started one, but have abandoned it for other projects. Oh-no!!

Very, very cozy!


rho said...

Is that material soft or scratchy.....

Saw your post about pneumonia - understand totally what you were saying -was the cough med tussinex?? That is what I was on -- you can see my KUI (knitting under the influence) project dishcloth on my blog. LOL But now they are saying I still have a URI and also asthma - now that is new to me. So good luck getting over the pneumonia with no complications.

Kat said...

Rho, it's pretty soft fabric. I'm fairly picky about what goes next to my neck; I made a scarf from Feza's Kid Mohair, and I pretty much can't wear it against my neck--too itchy!!

Being ill is no fun, and I hope you get better soon!