Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 4 of Idaho trip

I can't believe we've already been in Idaho for three full days (the first day of traveling doesn't count--we got here at 10:00 P.M).

Saturday we went to Spencer, Idaho for a family camping trip. I got some great pictures that I'll post at a later date--they're on my Dad's computer.

Sunday we took a little trip in the motorhome to dump the tanks and have a picnic by the Snake River. The kids had a great time (and so did we). The kids even got to see a garter snake swim in the water and eye some small fish. The snake and the fish eyed each other, that is. We came back to the house, cleaned out the motorhome (well, I watched and my parents cleaned it out ), then caravanned over to the storage unit where they park the RV when they're not using it. What a job! It's gotta be lined up just perfectly in the storage space or there's not enough room to open the door to get out. Not to mention that it's so long that if it's not perfectly straight something will scrape along the sides. I'm totally impressed with the way my dad can park that thing!! After that it was home for some ice cream in sugar cones (eaten outside in the gorgeous evening weather) and off to bed.

Today we went on a drive up to Grand Targhee and took the chair lift up to the viewpoint that overlooks the Grand Tetons. What an incredible view!! We (my Mom, me, and my grandparents) went up there about 12 years ago and they've done a ton of improvements to the area at the top. There's now a viewing platform to one side, then the edge of the world on the other side. It sure feels like that, anyway!

(be sure to click on the picture to make it big)

The chair lift takes 20 minutes to go 2,000 feet. The lodge is at 8,000 ft and by the time you get to the summit it's 10,000 feet. Hiking is a real breath-stealing experience at that height when I'm used to 700 feet!! We got some pretty incredible pictures though.

That would be DD Gillian showing me yet another cool rock, with my parents and DS Ryan on their way up to DH Greg.

I just love the lighting on this one--we lucked out with some clouds in the perfect place.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

On the way home we managed to talk the menfolk into letting us pop into a yarn shop. I was so windblown and scattered that I managed to not buy anything which I still can't believe. They had some 40% off yarn and some that were $1 a ball, but I just couldn't do it. I've lost my mind, I know. The yarn I liked that was on sale I would've used for a shawl or something lacy, but it wouldn't have held a block so there wasn't much point. And of course the other yarns I liked were $30+ a skein. I'm really trying to not buy things I don't have a plan for, because then I end up with something I won't use because I don't have enough. Better for the wallet, though. ;-)

My mom did come away with one skein of yarn for her rug punching project, which is going to be stunning when she's finished with it. We pulled it (the rug punching project) out of the bag and played with the color placement this morning. Maybe I'll talk her into pulling it out again so we can take pictures.

I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow (today??) but we were going to try to get together with LisaK and have a face-to-face meetup! So, LisaK, if you read this call my mom. :-)

Hopefully tomorrow Rori and Tracy will be crocheting at my house. I forgot to warn Rori that I turned the air conditioning up to 85 while we aren't there and that it's O.K. to turn it down. I'm so bummed--Rori brought us some incredible little cakes the night before we left and I was going to take the "extra" one with us on the trip as a snack/treat/distraction for the kids and I left it on the counter. Major bummer!! I was really looking forward to it.

Whew, I really should go to bed. More tomorrow, I hope, maybe with some pictures of the lace knitting progress. Maybe. :-)

But oh yeah, I finally got a pic of my cupcake downloaded from the camera:

There are actually two identical ones, one for each kid, but I can't seem to round up both of them at the same time. Hopefully that means they're well liked.


Marilyn B said...

Wonderful pictures Kat. I'll sure look forward to more. Keep having a great time.

Mel said...

So glad you all are having fun with the family!

Tell your Mom hi for me and that we all are looking forward to the next time she can come to Sit N Stitch.

(Hmmm...reading thru all that my redneck seems to be showin' a bit. LOL)

And since you've updated your blog, I guess I better go update mine.

fred dekatte said...

Meow mix, meow mix....

LisaK said...

I e-mailed your mom back. I'll go to the studio tonight if you guys are going.

rho said...

those pictures are great - but the one of the 4 of you -- you have to have blown up and make a wonderful wall picture for your house.