Sunday, July 02, 2006

World Cup Knitting progress report

I finished all but the closures on Gillian's cardigan.

Today I finished the left front band, got the sleeves sewn in, the side seams sewn, and the ends all woven in. Woo hoo!

The REAL test is Gillian--she put it on and wanted to wear it in 95 degree heat. I still have to get closures for it. I'm thinking I'll do snaps with decorative buttons on the top so it still looks like it buttons.

While I don't have pics of her in it yet, here are some from earlier this afternoon:

What's with the blue yarn running across the sleeve, you ask? Well, the pattern had sleeves that were only 11.3 inches long. Gillian needs sleeves that are 14.5 inches long. Did I actually look at the instructions and notice this? Oh no, not until I followed the instructions as written and cast off, then held them up and went "there's no WAY those are going to cover those long arms of hers."

So, rather than re-knitting those sleeves (I do two at a time because otherwise I have TERRIBLE problems getting them to be the same) I decided to pull out a row above the garter band at the bottom, knit for an additional 3.3 inches or so, then graft to the remaining sleeve.

Luckily it worked out really well. The sleeves look good on her, which is a big relief. Actually, the fact that she WANTS to wear it is the biggest relief!!

Hopefully I'll have the closures on tomorrow and pictures up tomorrow night. Hopefully.

I've been promising pictures of the Lucy Bag post-felting/fulling, so here they are:

The pattern is in there for size comparison. Just as a refresher, this is what it looked like before dying and fulling:

This was the larger size, and I think I'll have to do another one in the smaller size. It was a really fun project, and it holds a ton of stuff--almost too much! You wouldn't believe how many small toys can fit in that bag....


Mel said...

Love it! Glad to here the grafting for the sleeves went well after you spent all that time trying to pick up stitches.

Gillian is going to be stylin' at school this fall with that brand new sweater.

Off to go knit some more on my KWC project.

EvaLux said...

OH NOOOOOOOOOO... does that mean I inputted (is that a word LOL???) the wrong info into my magic program??? I'm soooo sorry... I must have misunderstood something, but it is look good :) And what better compliment than that the kiddo wants to wear it with 95 degrees outside LOL.

cheers Eva

Opal said...

Wow, I just adore that Lucy bag. What a great dye job!