Monday, February 19, 2007

Bernat Box Arrived

I'm so excited! My box from Bernat is finally here!

Under the cellophane wrap....
Look at all that wonderful stuff!

I can hear you asking yourself "hmm, what box is she talking about?" and this, dear friends, is the prize from a contest through the Caps with a Conscience campaign. I got the two DVDs (Crochet Stitches in Motion and Knitting Stitches in Motion) from Leisure Arts a few weeks ago, and enclosed with those was a letter informing me that I'd won the contest! The pathetic thing is that I'd totally forgotten there was a contest.

I'm so thrilled to have won though!

There's enough of the Haven yarn to make a sweater for me, and I think if I combine the three different colorways of Satin there'll be enough for another sweater for me. I'm so excited! The Boa yarn will probably become a few chemo hats for Caps for A Cure, and the baby yarn might become some booties for Newborns in Need.

There were also some booklets included in the basket, and I'll keep some and probably give the others away. We'll see! I have to look through them a few more times first.

I'm just so thrilled I had to share.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations. What fun you'll have with this gift.
Caps for the Cure