Saturday, February 10, 2007

Spinning, Again

Last night I set the twist on my most-current spinning effort and I'm thrilled with my progress!

Here's a pic with the second skein, made of a mix of spindle- and wheel-spun singles (top hank) and the wool I spun yesterday (bottom hank). Quite an improvement, if I do say so! I was trying not to over-spin the singles at first, but then I realized that they did need to be overspun a bit so that they'd ply nicely. (Thanks for confirming that, Karen!) You can see my "trivet" underneath the hanks.

I'm thinking about saving the hanks I've done and making a yoked-neck sweater, using the handspun yarn at the yoke. Once I get better at spinning (and get a lot more fiber!) I'll attempt to make enough for the body of the sweater. I'll dye the yarn, I just haven't figured out what color(s) yet.


Knitted Zebra said...

You are coming along nicely!! Way to go!!

Karen Phoenix said...

Fabulous job! The spinning and ply look beautiful.