Friday, February 02, 2007

Angel Pearls finished

I blocked my Angel Pearls scarf night before last, and today we had a little photo session.

Warning: gratuitous lace photos follow.

I was able to get nine repeats of the second chart, so it's a little shorter than called for in the pattern. I could have gone down a needle size and probably gotten ten repeats, but that's all right. The original pattern actually called for 11 repeats but the yarn I used didn't have as much yardage.

  • Pattern: Sivia Harding's Angel Pearls scarf
  • Yarn: Kidsilk Night, color Ballerina
  • Needles: bamboo (no-name brand) in US 2/3.0mm
  • Beads: Miyuki 8/0 Transparent Pale Pink AB
  • Started: Jan 17, 2007
  • Finished: Jan 31, 2007

This was a fun knit--just enough going on to keep my attention, but not so overwhelming that I couldn't knit with other things going on.

When I was shopping for beads I couldn't find any in 6/0s, the size called for in the pattern, so I got 8s. Next time I'll wait and find 6s--the 8s got lost in the yarn. An LBS (local bead shop, The Beadles) has just moved into a much larger space and she got lots more seed beads in 6s and 8s, so I'm going to be very happy.


tweezle said...

OMG!! It is GORGEOUS!!! You did a beautiful job, and the yarn looks lucious.

chappy said...

your angel pearls scarf is beautiful! looks so soft and so delicate! beautiful shade pink!

Knitfix said...

Beautiful like a pink cloud.

Opal said...

It's so dreamy! Like a cloud of pink faery dust. Absolutely gorgeous.

Monika said...

This scarf is wonderul, so airy and fine. Great job!

Nurhanne said...

Pretty in pink!