Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A-Tinking I Will Go, A-Tinking I Will Go....

I thought I was going to finish my Angel Pearls scarf tonight.

HA! Said the knitting goddesses. Behold...

See that little tiny blob of yarn on the chart? That's all that's left. About 20 inches. Not nearly enough to finish those last few rows.

My choices are to either rip it back one repeat of the second chart and start the last chart, making the scarf 9 repeats instead of the 11 originally called for, or to buy another ball of yarn (at $15 a ball) for about 10 yards of yarn.

I'm going with the first choice.

Tinking this mohair is going to be a bit of a challenge, but it's still going to be a beautiful scarf. Notice I didn't say "frog" the scarf, because I already know you don't rip back with mohair, you tink back stitch by stitch if you want to re-use your yarn. If you're lucky. My plan is to run the needle along the last row of the repeat, and pull out everything to that point. That's a good five inches or so.

I was sitting in Panera with our Tuesday-night stitch group, happy with myself for almost being to the end of this scarf--I want to wear it while it's still cold--but obviously it's not to be!

On other fronts, I can now post a picture of one of the other things I've been working on:

These booties are for Jen, one of the ladies in the Tulsa Crochet group. Well, they're really for her new baby girl. Hopefully they'll still fit! They're from the same yarn as the previous booties, and the same pattern, but I did a little something different on the cuffs. The color is definitely not right--they're a very, very soft lavender. The ribbon is white.

This row counter bracelet is for Rori, put together by Tracy! She did a great job, but we both forgot to put on the stopper ring, so it had to come home with me again. It's now on her wrist, hooray!

Here are some more bracelets I've put together. I've got the materials for more, and the pink one needs a clasp. When the ladies at the K.N.I.T. Guild party saw the bracelet I brought some of them requested a bracelet so I plan to bring a bunch for them to choose among. Hopefully they'll go over well.

I'm really bummed about this next item. It's a charm bracelet that I made, with some very meaningful charms. I've been wearing it, stupidly, without a safety chain.

Yesterday I lost it somewhere between DD's school, the post office, and the bead store (where I was buying some safety chain and realized it wasn't on my wrist!!!). I still have to go by the post office and I really really hope someone turned it in.


Catlady said...

Tag, You are IT!! Check my blog for details :)

LisaK said...

I got away with 10 repeats. I was using Madil Kid Seta.

Also, mohair seems to behave a bit nicer if you put it in the freezer for a while before tinking.