Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bike stuff

I've decided to name this year "the year of the bike" for our family. Yes, I realize we're only four days into it so far, but I'm going to be optimistic. :-)

DH used to ride a lot before we met. He gets this nostalgic look whenever he talks about it, and the kids are approaching the ages where we can go out as a family and have a good time. So I got a new bike for Christmas, and we also got a bike trailer and tow hitch to get us all to the bike trails. Riding bikes on roads here in Tulsa is insane, so people drive to the bike paths where they can ride in peace.

Here's my new bike:

And here's the boy in the new trailer:

And a little bit different view, with no children.

So far I set it up (including the handle and front wheel for the stroller set-up) and we walked to pick up Gillian from school. It does fit both children, but it gets heavy when Gillian gets in. She's 46+ pounds so that makes sense. Of course it could also have felt heavy because I hadn't noticed that the tires weren't inflated properly. LOL! They're big tires--20"--and go over bumps with no problem.

Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to go out as a family and ride around. I think Gillian really wants to ride her new scooter, which will make it easier on DH to pull just Ryan in the trailer. :-)

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