Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Christmas stuff

I'm still trying to get photos of Christmas stuff, so I'll probably have another post or two before I get everything.

Here's a beautiful pair of earrings from my MIL:

There's a matching pendant as well. It's a beautiful set!! These are the things I drool over in catalogs but never end up buying for myself, so I'm thrilled. They're green amber, which is really neat IMHO.

This is a metal leaf from my parents. Again, this is what I drool over but never buy for myself. My sister and mom got gold ones, but I think this red/gold one suits me perfectly.

This wonderful tool is from my DH, who is the best husband ever!! He also bought me an outdoor sun shade to put in front of the garden window. Last year the neighbor took out a tree that had been shading that part of the house, and all my plants got cooked. Quite literally. I had to toss out the African Violet that had been, before the tree got cut down, quite happy and vibrant.

Oh, you're probably wondering what exactly that is, in the picture. It's a Wacom tablet, also known as a graphics tablet. It's fabulous!! It has the option of either using the mouse or pen, and I find myself using both. I love it!!

Here is a present from my sister, hand-spun from her very own hands!

It's merino and silk, and she gave me three hanks with an estimated total of 379 yards. I can't wait to figure out how to use it!

These are pictures of my re-organization in progress. My dad bought some new shelves, and my mom and I found some bins during a shopping expedition. The reason for all of this was that I'd piled the previous set of shelves WAY too full, and while my Mom and Dad were talking at about 9:30 the first night they were here, one of the set of shelves fell over onto my mom. This was not a good thing!! Luckily she wasn't hurt, and we managed to get everything back together so that they could go to bed. We went and bought new shelves the next day, although we didn't get everything shuffled until the day they were leaving. There's still barely enough room for the air mattress when we have guests, which is good.

More later....

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Theresa said...

OOH! I don't know which of your gifts I love most! :o) We have an older Wacom tablet and have been thinking of upgrading. Your jewelry and that leaf are gorgeous and gorgeous doesn't even begin to describe your sister's spinning! Does she have a blog? You will have to make something special out of that. Since you live where it gets cold, maybe you could make yourself a nice hat/scarf set.