Monday, January 08, 2007

K.N.I.T. Guild holiday party

The K.N.I.T. Guild (Knitting Needles In Tulsa) holiday party was yesterday and I had a really good time! We had a really good turnout, in my opinion--18 people. The hostess' house was incredible, and it was fun to look around at all of her neat treasures. Her husband does stained glass and just about everywhere I looked there was something beautiful! They also had a great assortment of antique clocks, which I really enjoyed. None of them chimed while we were there, so my Dad would've been disappointed--his motto is "a happy house is one with a chiming clock on every wall!" LOL! They have "clockophany" a lot. ;-)

Back to the knitting party, here's the "Dirty Santa" gift I brought:

It's a row-counting bracelet. This went over really well, which I thought was great! I'm never sure exactly what to bring, but surprisingly (to me, anyway) most of the ladies there hadn't ever seen one. I think if it hadn't been one of the last gifts chosen it would've been stolen a few times.

And this is what I got:

Those are five scrumptious mother-of-pearl buttons that came in a cute stocking ornament! The buttons are a hair over 3/4" square, and I can't wait to design a cardigan around them. Thanks, Melissa H-N! She said they came from Naturally Needlepoint, so I might have to get a few more--they're just too neat!

The food was also excellent. I've asked for the recipes for everything people brought (anything that was home-made, anyway--I didn't plan well enough ran out of time and had to buy something to bring). I'll put them into the guild's February newsletter, and I'm looking forward to making some of them for my family.

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Knitted Zebra said...

What fun and what cool stuff! Next year I should be able to be there.