Saturday, January 13, 2007

Icky weather

The weather here is BAD.

Yes, I know I'm a little behind on my gardening. :-) I still have to prune all the dried and dead stuff, but it sure was fascinating to see how the ice formed on everything. Not pleasant to be out there with it, but interesting to see it.

It's raining ice, and everything has a thick coating of it. Sure, it may look like snow, but I was walking around outside earlier and it's all ice--about 1.5" from what I can tell. I didn't leave any footprints. The ice is that thick.

The other evening the kids played with a wooden puzzle that came from my Aunt Louise in Germany.

Here's what it looked like when they were finished. Luckily I'd taken a picture before they took it apart, too!

I've wanted one of these Christmas candle carousels for a very long time, and this also came from Aunt Louise. I took this picture last week, before the ice storm. Looks pretty warm out there, doesn't it? It was probably 60 or so. It's now 19 degrees and needless to say, it does NOT look nice out there at all.

Here's a pic of the sky earlier. This was at about 2:00 in the afternoon.

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Becky said...

What fun things from Germany.
Our weather is very cold, but we don't have to deal with the snow.