Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good intentions and strep throat

It's been a wild two weeks since I last posted.

My grandpa passed away somewhat suddenly, which prompted a last-minute trip to Idaho last week. Nothing like travelling with two young kids at the last minute to throw me into a panic! It went really well and the funeral was...nice? pleasant? how does one say that and not sound morbid?? My grandpa was a wonderful man and I'll miss him very much, but he had undiagnosed kidney failure for the last six months or so and towards the end it became obvious that it was his time to go. I'll probably write more later.

So we got home on Tuesday, and I'd had a terrible sore throat from Thursday (I think) on. It was bad BAD to swallow, to the extent that I'd wake up during the night because I was swallowing convulsively and it HURT. So I didn't get much sleep, but blamed it on the low humidity in Idaho (like 15%, I think, vs. the current 65% here in Oklahoma). I finally made it to the doctor today and it turns out I have strep throat. ACK!! DH has it also, although his symptoms are more severe than mine. His started a few days after mine, so hopefully we can get him taken care of a little sooner in the illness than mine. Thankfully both kids seem to have avoided it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way!!

Anyway, I have lots of pictures to post once I get them off the camera and play with them a bit, so hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to do that.


Becky said...

You poor dear! That's a big load to handle. I hope your throat improves quickly now that you've seen the doc.

Sande Francis said...

Strep is the pits! When I was a kid still living at home I had strep throat and bronchitis every year. Once I had moved away from my smoking mother and step-dad, I never got either ever again. Of course, now I'm 57 and live in the 4th worst air-quality city in the US (Fresno, CA) and have COPD and other failing lung maladies. I put most of the blame on 2nd hand smoke, tho. Much easier to blame someone else, eh? (vbg) So, some antibiotics should knock the strep right out and you should be back to feeling chipper real soon. Be sure to keep hydrated so you don't get laryngitis on top of the strep. I hear lots of hot tea is good for the throat.

Jane said...

I hope you recover soon from the Strep. When my Mother passed away I had the first and last yeast infection of my life. Stress really can lower an immune system so take care of yourself and kick back a little if you can!

Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry you've been under the weather! I was thinking about you while you were up in Idaho, and said a prayer or two. Let me know as soon as you feel up to a spinning get-together!