Monday, March 03, 2008

I've Lost my Mind

I've sworn for a long time now that I won't buy a fleece and process it myself.

I'm now going to be eating my words, and I hope they're tasty!

Yesterday we went to a sheep shearing at Lowder Colors Farm in Kellyville, Oklahoma, and I fell in love with the fleece on this sheep:

That's Eva, and she's a Wensleydale ewe.

Here's a really bad picture of her fleece, but you can kind of see the crimp and sheen of her wool:

I'm getting a half fleece and I'm sure it'll keep me busy for a while. That's going to be more than 3.5 pounds, although I know I'll lose some of that weight in cleaning and processesing. I'm rather intimidated by the whole process but Kate has offered to show me the ropes.

Isn't this baby goat adorable?

And there were lots of puppies running around (and then sleeping!), and my daughter just couldn't resist petting some of them.

I still have "oh my goodness, what have I gotten myself into?!?" running through my head.


Kathy said... that a Farm Girl I see slipping out, Cuz? ;-)

(We have a large group. You're welcome here with the rest of us...)

rori381 said...

baby goat??!! I think I need my eyes checked LOL
I could have sworn that was a baby sheep. K at least I can say I'm not a farm person.

XOXO rori

sweetpea16 said...

I'm pretty sure Eva's easy care only... just like me hehehe.

loretta said...

Looks like you'll have to add another "a" to your profile that says you "have waaaay too many hobbies" LOL! I don't have a puzzled look on my face--I understand! How scary is that?!? Thanks for sharing the day with us.

Lisa Boyer said...

Wow...THIS should be interesting. I'm staying tuned!