Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!

Today was my birthday, and life is wonderful!

Last night I had a knitting/pot luck party and we had SUCH a good time.

DJ made an absolutely incredible cake:

(Be sure to click to embiggen!)

I love this skull and bones sticking out:

This was perhaps my most favorite part of the cake, although the house was pretty incredible!!

Here's a view from the back:

Here's DJ cutting the cake. I made her do it because I couldn't cut into that amazing creation!

Note the audience--Ryan and Gillian were about to pop!

Gillian was pretty thrilled to get a pumpkin, although she didn't end up eating all of it. I think it didn't taste the way she thought it would. LOL!

This is the card that the kids made for me. Isn't it fabulous? Gillian did the flowe, bat, and cake, and Ryan did the faces (complete with nose taped on for a 3D effect for the one inside the card).

Calista made me this neat card:

I love handmade cards!

Greg and the kids got me this AMAZING camera bag. I haven't put my stuff into it yet because I've had a lot of "help" from the boy who was enjoying investigating every nook and cranny.

Tomorrow morning when the kids are at school I'm going to play with it and get all my camera stuff organized.

And Sara brought a chocolate cricket that I got talked into eating. *I* don't have any pics or anything of that event but I know there are about 8 women at the party who do. Here's the button that came with the piece of candy:


I'm really behind posting about when my parents were here, but I'll try to get caught up over the next week or so.

Have a great week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Gee, I'm so sorry to have missed out on the cake and all the fun. I started a cold....Boo! Hiss!....and really didn't feel like I needed to share it or even getting out. I've postponed my trip to NC for a couple of days to see if I don't feel better. See you when I get back.


knitalot3 said...

Happy (late) Birthday!!! I'm glad you had a good one.

LisaK, in SE Idaho

PS. My word is "chins". Think it's trying to tell me something?

Kathy said...

A Belated Happy Birthday, Cuz! This is scarely - Ralph's is the 28th! :)
I hope you got a bee-you-tea-full day to go with the neat presents. (I love the look on the sheep's face!)
Hugs to you...
Cousin Kat