Sunday, October 05, 2008

House Projects and A New Grill

We've been really busy around here. Actually, Greg has been really busy--I've pretty much not helped at all.

Here's what he's been doing:

He formed and poured a curb, emptied out the area between the house and the curb, and now it's ready for stone! The plan is to put down weed cloth (leaning up against the house), then the stone will be delivered on Tuesday. We ordered Oklahoma River Rock to go in that space and it should be gorgeous!

The big pile of dirt is going to get redistributed around the yard.


Greg needed a new grill and I talked him into getting a new one.

Here's the old one:

Those are the second set of grills and once again they're totally rusted.

Here's the new grill:

And the very happy hubby:

Today was his 37th birthday so he cooked sweet potatoes and incredibly yummy steaks. We got him a chocolate truffle cake and everyone was very happy!

He says he had a really good birthday, although he's exhausted. He did a ton of work around the house so that's not surprising. He also pulled out the 10' of chain link on the side of the house as well as the concrete slab that was behind it (we can't figure out why it was there, although Greg thought maybe it was to prevent dogs from digging under the fence). It already looks better, and it's going to be even nicer with a 6' privacy fence across it.


I hope everyone had a great weekend, and have a great week ahead!

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