Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I have a quilt featured on http://www.quiltersshowandtell.com/ so go check it out!

In knitting news, Sivia's Dué Amori fingerless glove and scarf pattern is now available. Here's mine, although I'm finished with the first one and done with the fan on the second one:

You can get it here.


In house project news, the rock was delivered this morning and we're a little more than halfway done putting it where it goes. Here's how it looked before rock:

And hopefully tomorrow I'll take a picture of it mostly done. I'm not going to do any more shoveling tomorrow (probably) because I managed to give myself an almost-blister in two places on my hands. It never occurs to me to use gloves until it's too late. DOH!

We also have a huge pile of soon-t0-be-a-fence-and-deck in kit form (hahahaha, that would be a big pile of wood and concrete bags). We're planning to put a deck platform on top of the cracked concrete slab, which will both beautify the back yard area and make it easier to keep mud/dirt/leaves/etc out of the house. I applied for a permit to build the deck this morning so hopefully we can get started on that soon.


I brought home my stuff from the fair and my quilts have an interesting smell. If you put your face down close to them, you can definitely get a whif of fair food. It cracks me up! I'm sure it'll be gone in a week or so, even sooner if I air the quilts outside.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

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Romi said...

The quilt you have on that show n tell site is absolutely exquisite!!! Wowza! I am in love. Big time.