Friday, October 03, 2008

I've had a lot of people asking about the pattern for the black and tan quilt that I posted about in the last few posts. The pattern comes from New Cuts for New Quilts, and is called Trident Crossing. It's an awesome book!


I finished a doily and finally got it blocked.

The pattern is Coronet from Marianne Kinzels' First Book of Modern Lace Knitting.

I used size 30 cotton Cebelia, and some awesome needles from Bridgette's Fiber Source. They come in small sizes, down to 000!! I love how ephemeral the doily is. It went pretty quickly and I definitely want to make another one. I might use slightly larger thread though, since I don't like how uneven my knitting is with that thread.


Thanks everyone for all the very kind comments (here on the blog, on Ravelry, and in person!) on my fair winnings!

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weebug said...

the doily and the quilt are wonderful!