Monday, May 15, 2006

Crochet bookmarks

I've been busily making up bookmarks to give to DD's pre-kindergarten teacher and teacher's aid. They both really appreciate hand-made things, so hand-made bookmarks are a logical gift idea for the end of the school year.

These two are variations from the book Three Dozen and One Bookmarks, although I didn't like the final round so I changed it a bit.

The yellow and white one below is also from that book. The rainbow-colored one is a variation on the Mile-A-Minute ones above, just with a different edge treatment.

These next two are the "Quickie Bookmark" from Priscilla Hewitt, which can be found here.

I've really enjoyed these quick projects. Now I just have to decide which ones go to DD's teacher and which go to the teacher's aid. I was hoping to deliver these tomorrow, but I won't have my act together by then. Thursday is the last day of school so I'm running out of time....


LisaK said...

Very cool bookmarks! I might have a hard time giving them away ;-) LOL!

Kat said...

Thanks, Lisa! I can't give things away unless I START them knowing that they're going to someone. LOL!! Just one of my quirks. ;-)