Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dye adventures

Today I mixed up a new batch of dyes and had a good time!

Gillian (DD, 5 years old) helped me with my first project. Unfortunately the color wasn't even close--it's about 5 shades too dark, but that's O.K.--if I don't use the yarn I can always try selling it on eBay. :-)

The first project was three skeins of Alpaca Cloud, which started out as "sunlight," which is actually beige. It's a great color for dying, but I'm trying to help out Kristina, who hated the KnitPicks yarn as it came. The one on the left is close to the original color, and ignore the one on the right; I can't quite get the color balance right for both skeins. There's a more accurate picture below.

And here's the soft yellow I finally ended up with (the one in the front):

That orange-color skein behind the yellow one is more accurate, although they're both just a hair strong compared to the actual skeins. Colors on a monitor are so hard to get exactly right!

That yellow is MUCH closer to what's pictured on the KnitPicks site than the actual yarn.

I think I'm either going to dye the orange a dark red or try selling it on eBay--I'm not sure which yet. :-) I already have my Kiri shawl that's similar to that orange color, although the Kiri has splotches of yellow/gold/red/orange like the dappling of light through leaves.

I'm also dying my Lucy Bag. It's huge and hard to dye, so I decided to spread it out on a trash bag, pour the dye on and play around a little, then roll it up and put it in another black trash bag and leave it in the sun to cook. Since it was only sunny in that part of the yard for about two hours yesterday, I'm going to leave it for most of today as well. I'm going to try to felt it this afternoon, although I don't anticipate it being finished very quickly! The swatch took SIX trips through the washer to felt to the point I wanted it to, but then that was with warm water on regular cycle, just with the regular wash, not hot water.

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