Friday, October 14, 2005

Kiri photo session

My Kiri and I had a mini photo session earlier, and here are the results!

And here's a close-up of the stitch pattern and dye job:

I'm VERY pleased with it and I've been enjoying wearing it even though it's hasn't been too cold yet. Except in some over-air-conditioned buildings, that is, and usually only when I didn't have it with me.

What else has been going on in my life, you ask? Well, how 'bout this:

That's my boy, with a NASTY case of hives. He was on Amoxocylin (spelling??) for croup (which he picked up at the hourly day care place to which I RARELY take him) and an ear infection, and apparently he's allergic to the medicine. We were almost done with the bottle, and Tuesday morning when I got him up to take big sis to school, I had a nasty surprise when I took off his diaper--big, nasty, red rash areas around his waist and upper thighs. Talk about freaking out! An hour later, after rushing to the doctor, we started him on Benadryl to keep down the swelling and he's been recovering ever since. Man, was it nasty though! I have a picture of him in the tub which I'll edit and post. It's better now, thank goodness, and he's been back to his happy, very busy self since the same day the hives showed up, actually. Oh yeah, that orange on his forehead? Spaghetti sauce. That boy enjoys his food. :-)

While he doesn't look happy, he really has been his normal busy, happy self, with no itching. Amazing! But I'm still not eager to take him out in public unless I have to. He's so funny--he waves to everyone with what we call his "beauty queen wave." And believe me, people are starting when we walk his sister to her classroom at school. I keep wanting to yell "It's an allergic reaction! He's NOT contagious!"


Anonymous said...

Been there, done that! His Uncle Brad had a reaction just like that when he was about the same age. I does keep people at a distance, doesn't it? So far Melody,(a couusin) Suzanne and I have come up with a slew of us who have "cillin" allergies--Me, Suzanne, my mother, my grandfather, my sister and both my brothers. Melody, her dad and one of her siblings and I think several more on her side. It is plenty, anyway. Ryan's grandma V.

Tess said...

Your Kiri Shawl turned out beautifully. I like the effect of the dye. Still working slowly on mine. Hope your son gets well soon.

Christine said...

Ohhh poor baby with the hives. I'm so glad he doesn't feel itchy, that would be just awful!

Your Kiri is gorgeous, and you're so brave to dye it once it's all done!
My kiri is on repeat 11 and it's slow going, thanks for the inspiration to get moving on those last loooong repeats!

Laura said...

I'll jump on the bandwagon and repeat how gorgeous your kiri is. I, too, think you're quite brave for dying it after it was done. eek!