Monday, October 31, 2005

Finished the ribbon yarn project!

I finished my ribbon yarn Moebius thing! You can see an in-progress shot on my October 18th entry.

This was a quick knit, although it would've been a lot quicker if I'd been more disciplined about it. Two weeks from start to finish, although it's really about 10 hours of knitting. Probably less. Maybe like 6. Who knows--I wasn't keeping track!

Anyway, here are some pictures, and I don't want any snide comments about them. Yes, I'm talking to you. It's extremely difficult to take a decent picture of youself. Don't worry, everything's covered, they just look crappy. ;-)

Worn around the shoulders with the twist in the center front. For as open and lacy as this is, it got really warm!

And here it is twisted around the neck twice. Really really warm.

I repeat, I don't want any snide comments about the pictures. Yes, I know they're bad.

Here's the "hood" arrangement. Again, surprisingly warm.

I'm going to try to work on the pattern in a few days, so I'll post it on my website.

I used US 15 needles (BIG needles!) and the yarn was Sari from Kertzer. I think I used 3 balls, but I'll have all the details in the pattern once I transcribe my notes. ;-)

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Christine said...

Don't worry, this is snide-comment free!

The "hood" style of wearing it is very flattering.