Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Kiri off the needles!

Wow, does that feel good!! Kiri is off the needles and ready to be dyed!

I ended up with six yards left over. That's right, SIX YARDS. Talk about cutting it close! I thought I'd end up having to rip out my swatches for the yarn. Here's what six yards of leftover Alpaca Cloud looks like:

I stewed about running out of yarn all day, so I decided to stay up and finish the dang thing so that I wouldn't lose any more sleep over it. The kids are both sick, and now Greg's sick too, and between my head cold and Ryan not sleeping at night, I'm a little on the tired side. Can't afford to lose much more sleep. But hey, knitting is keeping me sane at the moment!

And here's the unblocked shawl:

I ended up with 16 repeats (that's the first chart once, the second chart 16 times, then the last chart once). Not sure what I'll block it out to--we'll see after I get it dyed. I think I got the bind-off loose enough, since it's already going into the scallops and I haven't done any blocking yet.

I'm pretty happy with myself! Now the weather just needs to cool down so I can wear it. Oh yeah, and I need to dye it and block it.


AprilBrokenA said...

You are up far - far too late! Will you bring it tonight? I promise I'm going to be there (with kids - ugh!) and I'll have mine!

DK said...

Looks fabulous!! Can't wait to see it dyed and blocked. Great job. DK