Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday, and it's been a great day!

My wonderful husband made biscuits for breakfast (they were yummy!), and we went out to dinner as a family. Incredibly fabulous DH got me a monitor and put it up on Friday night, so I've been really enjoying that. My parents sent a fun card and some money that I'll probably use for yarn, my in-laws sent a fantabulous feather duster, and one of my best girlfriends sent a garlic roaster. Hmm, much of my life seems to revolve around my husband/kids, knitting/quilting (and crafting of all kinds), eating, and my house. Quite a variety of presents, but I love all of them! :-) My mom says there's a package that should arrive any day now, and I haunted the porch this afternoon waiting for the UPS guy in vain... Oh well, as my wonderful DH says, it's my birthday week and we can spread it out.

I was ruminating in the shower this morning about how being a mom really changes your perspective on things. My birthday has taken on a whole different dimension for me as I think about what my mom experiences on my birthday. What a life-changing events the births of my children have been, and it's incredible to be able to feel what my parents felt as I grew up (although some would debate that I have grown up).

Isn't life wonderful?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

I came over to your blog from the FF&L knit-along. Your shawls are lovely. And even with all the hives on him, I can see that your son is lovely too. :-)


Stephanie said...

hi Kat!
Thanks for dropping by my blog(s) :) Happy belated birthday!
Sounds like you had a great day!