Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Kiri dyed and blocking

Here are some pictures of the dying process:

That's my Kiri soaking in water and a little bit of Synthropol.

Here's the dyed Kiri:

And here's the shawl blocking, with my 4-year-old daughter next to it. You can kind of see the color change in the lower left wing of the shawl--those aren't shadows. I was going for a more varied effect, but then I messed with it in the dye bath too much. I may re-dye it down the road.

And here's a close-up:

The yellow band is part of the dye effect I was going for, although since I poked at it too much in the dye pot it's not as pronounced as I was going for. I'm very happy with it, though!


Theresa said...

It is turning out beautiful. I hope you model it for us! I need to get cracking and finish mine!

Sue Orfila said...

Kate - gorgeous! You are going to be able to open your own shop soon. Loved seeing the kids in August. Also love reading your blog...starting a new class tonight on entrelac shawl...hopefully I will get it done before my hair turns completely grey!

oliversmom3 said...

Hey Kat,

Your dye job is great and the Kiri itself is beautiful. Great work!

odderie said...

Wow, that is GORGEOUS. I only wish I could knit that well! I taught myself how to crochet earlier this year, and it's been a blast ever since. :)