Friday, September 30, 2005

It's off....

Well, I submitted my Anemone to Knitty this evening. No, you can't see a picture. :-)

When I get my rejection notice from them I'll post a picture, but not until I'm sure they don't want to use it. Nothing like a good bit of pessimism, right? [No groaning now, I just had to use that expression!]

So today's challenge was getting photographs of the Anemone. On me. Sure, I could take photos of the Anemone. And they looked good. Put me in the Anemone and the whole project goes radically downhill. I had to resist the urge to make some improvements in PhotoShop, but other than removing some of the glaring redness from my cheeks and a slight smear of lipstick, I left the photos alone.

You know, my mental image of myself just doesn't match up with real life. Sigh. If Knitty actually accepts the project, you'll get to see me (oh yeah, and the Anemone) in glaring color. ;-)

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