Sunday, September 11, 2005

Um, well, sometimes NOT so boyish...

For some reason my youngest is obsessed with shoes. Namely his big sister's shoes. Which are usually pink, and often have sparkly parts.

Now, I don't usually let him run around in just a diaper because he's apt to take it off and run around naked. And pee. But I'd just gotten him out of the tub and figured that he'd go splash in the water a little more, so why get another outfit wet? Instead he wanted me to put these shoes on him, then brought me his visor (both kids have one--his is blue, hers is pink), then posed!! He's NEVER posed before. I was so thrilled to get this picture! He usually smiles right after the flash has gone off.

I picked up all the toys and various kid detritus after this picture was taken, and it's a whole new sewing/computer/guest room, so ignore all the stuff in the background. And on the floor. Sigh. He's just SO pleased with himself in this picture. You should see him walking in those shoes, which are about three sizes too big--he really high-steps it!

This is going to be major blackmail material when he's a teenager. [Insert maniacal mean mommy laugh here.]

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grandmav said...

This is grandma laughing hysterically! What a good start to an sunny Monday. What a sweetie and how I miss the little fellow. Love to all.