Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Finished rug AT LAST!!


It's only taken me more than a year, at least 6 months of which went by without a single bit of work. Whenever I'd set down my hook, one of the kids would carry it off. I'd reach down for it after snipping a worm and it'd be gone! I've got one of those hooks with a sharp point, and I could just see one of them stabbing it into one of the leather couches.

And if they weren't stealing my hook, they had my scissors. Also with a lethally sharp point.

Or there were wool "worms" all over the floor from one of them haring off with my bag of strips. Sigh. So, it got put aside.

A few weeks ago I decided to enter it in the fair. That meant that it had to be finished by this Saturday, the turn-in date for items.

I managed to finish the hooking within an hour or so yesterday, and today I bound the edge. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy hooking. Rug hooking, that is. I know what you were thinking.

Now the hooking is pretty good and the binding is really not good, but my little girl (Princess Gillian, if you haven't figured it out) has already placed it by her bed. Clever little girl! She even learned to read and write her name this week and asked me what the word in front of her name was. Smarty pants!! She's just started pre-kindergarten.

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Helle from Denmark said...

Ohhh, your rug is looking good. That must really give a good feeling getting it done now!!:-))