Friday, September 23, 2005

Booties DONE!

This was a really fast knit--even for me! I started them last night and finished this afternoon.

Here is my very first-ever pair of booties (drumroll, please):

They're from the book Last-Minute Gifts (see previous post), although I did make some alterations. I COULD NOT get gauge, so I finally decided I'd just use my gauge. I ended up with 16 sts/4 inches, which came out to a 2/3 difference.

I also added a crocheted chain for a drawstring. On the first bootie, I finished it, made the chain, and poked it through the knitting. On the second one, I made the crochet chain and simply laid it between the stitches as I went. MUCH easier. The I did a row of single crochet around the tops of the booties to tie in the drawstring color.

They sure do look different than the angora ones, but I like them. Gillian (DD) wants to keep them and put them on her stuffed animals, so the booties are going to have to "hide" until I get them wrapped. I'm thinking about making a hat to go with the booties. We'll see. I still have to finish two Anemones before the 1st of October....

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Helle from Denmark said...

Ohhh........Kat.....they are just so sweet!! Made them just for fun, or did i miss something???*GRIN*