Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tulsa State Fair SWEEPSTAKES!!

Wow!! I got a sweepstakes ribbon for my (Gillian's!) rug!! I just can't believe it. I don't think there were a lot of rugs entered in the primitive division, though....

I also got a first place for my quilt I entered, a third place for my moebius neck ring, and nothing for my crochet--which is just fine, as I saw many beautiful things! I think I did pretty well and I'm just blown away that I got a sweepstakes! The first place ribbon is for the primitive division, and I was in such shock that I didn't check to see if the sweepstakes ribbon is for the entire rug hooking category or just the primitive cut. I can't believe that it'd be over the rug to the upper right....

Gillian wanted to take her rug home tonight, the first night of the fair. I told her that in 11 more days we'll go pick it up, and she said "I hope I can wait that long, Mommy!" So cute!

And here's a picture of my Moebius Neck Ring, in case you were wondering what it looks like. It's the blue thing in the front there, not displayed terribly well, but that's O.K. And of course that's Gillian there in the front.

Here's a picture from the Ferris wheel (the fair had THREE going!) that we promised Gillian we'd ride:

I think Ryan enjoyed it, too, although he was so tired he just kind of laid in my arms and looked around occasionally. I asked him if he liked it and he nodded.

And who can leave the Tulsa State Fair without checking out the butter sculpture? That's right, butter sculpture. Here it is:

It's not that easy to see, but it's a boy on the back of a horse, facing backwards. It's based on the winning rodeo poster contest, apparently. Here's the people who produced it: Last year there was a TON of Star Wars stuff (way cool!!) and the butter sculpture was Darth Vader and Yoda.

We had a good time, even though when I asked Greg if he'd had a good time, he looked at me and said "as long as you had a good time, I guess I did, too." What can you say to that?? What an awesome guy!! Of course, he's been spending his free time between work and nightfall with his new toy:

That's a Troy Built 10 horsepower chipper/shredder! He's really gone to town with it, too. We had a pile of branches (from our two VERY large pecan trees) that was probably 7' tall and about 10' wide, and he's got it down to about 4' high and 5' wide. We've got some great mulch!!

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Theresa said...

Congratulations on your fair winnings! That is so neat that you got a ribbon on the one that you designed! I'm proud of you! :o)