Thursday, May 11, 2006

Shawl pics

A new knitting friend, Delores, very kindly took some pictures of me in my shawls at knitting guild Monday night. I hate looking at pictures of myself, but I'm assuming the beautiful shawls will be the focus. ;-)

Here's the Diamond Fantasy Shawl:

Please ignore the big goofy grin--Rori, Rachelle, and Delores (but mostly Rori) were making fun of me. :-)

I'm not sure I'll wear it pinned in the center like that--I'll probably have it pinned up to one shoulder. Kind of like in the pics below. Kind of. But not exactly, since the Diamond Fantasy is a triangular shawl and the Victorian Lace is a three-quarter shape.

And here's the Victorian Lace Shawl being worn:

That's me during show and tell, with the Diamond Fantasy in the chair on the bottom left and my super-secret sock project #2 (another one I'm testing) on the table on the bottom right. Not like you can actually see anything of the socks, or even tell what they are. That's all I'm going to show until I get the go-ahead to post some good pics though.

The Victorian Lace shawl is reeaaally heavy for a shawl, which makes sense because it's made using worsted-weight yarn. I like it though. I can definitely see myself making a sweater out of that yarn (KnitPick's Wool of the Andes).

The three people who read this blog may have noticed that the progress bars on the right-hand sidebar still say that the Victorian Lace Shawl is 95% completed--that's because I STILL haven't blocked out the bottom edge. It hasn't stopped me from wearing it though, so I'll probably not worry about it until I wash it again. Three cheers for inertia!


loretta123 said...

The photos are great but don't really do your shawls justice. They are stunning in person! BTW, once you wear it, it's 100%! Update the sidebar!!!

Kat said...

LOL!! Loretta, you're exactly right--once I wear it, it's finished. I'll update it now. :-) Thanks for the compliment!

Trixie said...

Hi -- I found your blog through OKFiberArtists. Beautiful shawls!

LisaK said...

Very pretty shawls. I especially love the colors.

Kat said...

Thanks Trixie and LisaK!

I think I might have to do my next shawl in red. That WAS the color the Victorian Lace Shawl was supposed to be. LOL!!