Monday, August 21, 2006

Lots of projects almost finished

I've been bad about blogging, but I have gotten a lot done instead of being on the computer....

I had some wool that was burning a hole in my stash (well, if money burns a hole in your pocket, so to speak, can't wool/yarn do the same in your stash??) and with the available colors, I had the strange idea to make a Christmas Felted Vessel.

It was an enjoyable, if odd, project. :-) Before felting:

After felting:

And the other side:
The yarn is from KnitPicks, some discontinued bulky-weight wool that felted beautifully. The pattern is an original, straight out of my head. I'm sure you totally couldn't tell that, with all of its inherent funkiness.

And this has been done for a while, but I just blocked it this morning:

And of course it immediately had a kid on it.

There's a detail of the edge. This is the Doily with Spiral from Nurhanne's site, with a correction to the edging. Looking at the pictured doily vs. the instructions, I think that rows 96-100 should be deleted or the text following ("to finish") makes no sense. Yes, it's large. I haven't actually measured yet, but I will in the morning after it's relaxed a bit. I think, just guessing, that it's close to 50" across.

The dark spots on my blocking sheet are where the doily/tablecloth was a little more wet. The blocking sheet, btw, I came up with last night. I used an old sheet, made two perpendicular bisecting lines, and tied a long piece of string to a pin. I put the pin in the intersection of the lines, and used the string like a compass with a permanent marker to make the circles. They're far from perfect, but they're certainly close enough for me! Now I just need to mark more radiating lines for 8-wedge and 6-wedge doilies so I don't have to do so much measuring between the points.

And the last thing I'm managed to finish has been Gillian's doll, although she needs clothes. I figure she's got on a bodysuit, but Gillian says she still needs panties. I was thinking I'd do a sweater first. LOL!
The pattern is from the book Knitted Toys by Fiona McTauge, the princess doll with a different style of hair. I'm also not going to make the clothes that go with it, but mine will just be unique.

And speaking of our princess Gillian, Saturday she lost her first tooth:

This was taken this morning, on her first day of KINDERGARDEN!! I can hardly believe it. Ryan can't either, obviously. ;-)

Here she is with her new backpack:

She HAD to have the one with the hair. It's probably going to be gross within a week, but she absolutely loves it.

And no, Tracy, you weren't bugging me. ;-)


Opal said...

I just love the felted vessel and the doily. Glad to see you posting again.

Kat said...

Thanks, Opal!!

Now that things are calming down again around here I should be more regular about posting again.


Gill said...

I really like your felted Christmas vessel - I've been thinking about felted pumpkins to hold Halloween treats.
Nice to see that the name Gillian still pops up - people of good taste obviously :)

Gill (who is really Gillian) via AK list

LisaK said...

Cute vessel!! The doily/shawl is very pretty. Good work!

Kat said...

Thanks, Gill and Lisa!

I actually did take notes on the felted vessel, so I might be posting the pattern after a few tweaks. We'll see....