Sunday, August 06, 2006

Wallaby completed!

Wow, this sweater went REALLY fast!

I decided to not do the hood, especially since my boy has such a big head. I'll do a hat instead, probably with the leftover yarn. Not that he'll actually wear it, but he wouldn't wear a hood, either.

The little stinker needed a nap (and he's having one now, hooray!!) and didn't want to try it on for me so I could take a picture, but hopefully later this evening I'll be able to talk him into it. I had it on him earlier before I sewed up the underarms and it looked really cute, but hopefully it'll be even better now that it's done.

Well, it's not really done--I'm thinking I'm going to try putting a zipper in the placket since it's kind of gaping. I'll put it on him and decide then.

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