Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ROE swatch

I managed to do a quick swatch for the Rose of England (ROE) shawl:

Now I'm just not sure if I like the stockinette with the other stitch patterns. Yeah, I know the ladybird stitch isn't right--I got interruped too many times, not to mention working late at night in poor light, but I figure it's a swatch, so not a big deal.

I'm using a wonderful yarn from my friend Elizabeth, and the new KnitPicks Options needles in size 3US. I LOVE them, but I'm thinking I might go down one needle size to make the stockinette more dense.

Opinions, please!!

Added later: the yarn is actually that wonderful raspberry color from the previous post's picture--I didn't take the time to perfect the color in the picture above. But the yarn does look more red in certain lights. It's very pretty!


Opal said...

The swatch looks lovely. I'm not sure I can venture an opinion until I see another swatch in the smaller needle size though.

Sande Francis said...

yeah, what Opal said. Great minds think alike, ya know. :)

Fannie Pie said...

Love the lace! you're the lace queen!!!!

shelly allred said...

Hi Kate, you are a very talented relative of mine!! Aunt Shelly from Idaho.