Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another pic of Doily with Spiral

I've got a miserable head cold so I'm dumber than a post, but I do have a beautiful picture of my Doily with spiral Tablecloth from my friend Delores.

It's spread out on a table at Panera.

I also finished (at long last!!) a pair of socks that I started months ago. They've been languishing on the needles for not really any good reason, so I pushed through and got them done. Wore them last night and they're pretty good--could be tighter around the ankle, but each sock is still a learning experience.

I'm giving a talk on lace to my knitting guild on Monday night. The hard part is figuring out what not to talk about. I could go on for days. I finally got a short outline and I'll keep working on it once my brain is a little clearer.


Opal said...

That doily is stunning!

Heather said...

The tablecloth is beautiful. Good luck with the talk.

Becky said...

That is an awesome doily!

Sande Francis said...

Kat, that would make a killer shawl. May I ask the source of the pattern? What size yarn and needle was used on the tablecloth?
(as if I really needed another lace project!) {vbg}