Thursday, September 28, 2006

More dying adventures

Round Two of the dying adventure for PFD #50 (dye recipe #50 from Primary Fusion Dye book) went a little better.

The color is more even, but not totally even--still have some redder spots and some greener spots, but it's much better than the first attempt.

Yarns on the top and top left are the purchased skeins, and the one on the bottom is the first dye attempt. The hank on the right is yesterday's dye session result.

Here's a closer-up pic:

It was hard to capture the variation in the yarn because it's subtle, but it's definitely there. It's not yarn that will be used for this project, which is an afghan, so I'm thinking about making it into an Old Shale stitch pattern scarf.

So while I'm getting closer to the right color, I'm still not there yet....

And in closing, I leave you with a picture of Fred, who likes to talk me through things outside in his very loud Siamese-type voice.

1 comment:

Greg said...

Listen to Fred--he's like a "fiber genius" or something--just look what he can do to a sweater with those claws!