Friday, September 15, 2006

Went overboard with fair entries

I overdid it with my entries to the fair this time around.
I've got eight things to take in tomorrow, and I'm not sure how I'm going to carry all of them. Silly!

I've got:
• 2 - 2-page scrapbook layouts
• Gillian's doll (from previous posts)
• photograph of Ryan in the snow
• Ryan's train Wallaby sweater
• Fircone shawl (pattern in sidebar)
• Doily with Spiral as a tablecloth
• felted Christmas vessel

Whew! I must be totally insane.


LisaK said...

You go girl!! Wishing you much luck (and good eye site and taste to the judges)!

shelly allred said...

hey kate, just had to post a quick note about "Fred". Kristen, who is in Vet Tech school at CSI in Twin Falls, has an anatomy class this semester. They were "issued" dead cats to study the whole semester. Hers is grey and she named it "Fred"!!! I got a chuckle out of your picture. shelly