Monday, August 07, 2006

Wallaby picture

I still haven't managed to get the boy to put on the sweater so that I can take a picture, but Gillian offered to model it for me. Silly girl! She wears size 6 and the sweater is a 4, so it's a bit on the small side.

I decided to do a rolled edge on the collar after the ribbing, and I put a zipper in the front. The sweater isn't perfect but I'm quite pleased with it!! Now if I can just get him to wear it....

And of course since I finished one project, I immediately had to cast on for a new one. Yeah, that's not a good way to finish up any UFOs. However, I plan to enter this in the fair and I have to have it completed by mid-September so I have to work fast.

I picked up the pattern at the yarn shop in Idaho Falls, Idaho, when we were visiting my parents. The yarn is Bernat's Softee Baby, which is acrylic. The pattern calls for cotton, but I thought that with the difficulty I had getting baby spit-up out of my daughter's clothes when she was tiny, there was NO WAY I was going to make it in something as absorbent as cotton. Plus, I figure it's too dressy for a baby to wear for very long (probably just long enough to spit up all over it, which is what experience tells me LOL!!) so it being acrylic won't be too uncomfortable.

I'm not getting gauge on the baby gown since my yarn is closer to sport-weight than fingering, but I'm O.K. with that--I'll do more decreases before the upper lace section so that the skirt will just be more full than in the original.

And oh yeah, I'm NOT pregnant. [shudder!!] Just in case you were wondering about the small-ish items I've made lately. They're satisfying my urge to make something and FINISH it, since most of my lace projects take a while. Especially when they languish in their bags for weeks at a time. And no, I don't have anyone in mind for this dress. I may hold on to it for a while, but I just haven't made up my mind yet. We'll see how I feel about it once it's finished.

Of course what I should be working on is my Hanging Garden Stole, or my Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl, or any of the other unfinished projects I have going....

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LisaK said...

Very cool Wallaby!! I hope he likes it. My son is very opinionated about what he'll wear too.