Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas Stockings Finished!

It's only taken me a year.

All three stockings are finished! The one on the far left, with "Katy" on it, is the one my Mom made in 1975. The others are the ones I've made in the last year. I couldn't find the same green locally, so we went with the darker green. I'm pretty happy with them! I didn't have a pattern (heck, it's been 30 years since my Mom made mine!!) and each stocking is different, but I like them that way. My sister's and mine are different, too. :-)

Rori finished her second Market Bag, this one done in the round. We'll get a picture of the felted bag soon, but here it is pre-felting:

And here's one with my boy for scale:

We're making more progress on the bathroom. We put up the medicine cabinet on Tuesday night, and today I'm hanging the towel bars now that I finally managed to get some wall anchors. Pictures later. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Your stockings are so great! How special the meaning that is attatched to them.