Sunday, November 12, 2006


We have had a major event in this house this evening: THE MASTER BATHROOM IS USABLE!!

Today we painted (although we have a few touch-ups to do), and about a half-an-hour ago Greg put the toilet in!!! This is truly cause for celebration in our house.

I don't usually let Ryan run around in just his diaper, but he'd gotten some paint on the back of his shirt so I stripped it off him and tried to get it out as quickly as possible. I'm not sure when the pants came off, but I'm going to throw them in the tub in a few minutes anyway.

The children are fascinated with the toilet seat. We got one of the ones that has a slow-closing, self-closing lid. Hopefully the obsession will wear off quickly. At least I know that it's clean at this point.

The previous toilet (which wasn't the original) had a 12" rough-in, which meant the tank was resting in the wall. Not against the wall, but pushed into it. When we pulled it out the wall behind it, which hadn't been painted, was mildewed. Ick!!! This is an older house and it's plumbed for a 10" rough-in, which was the standard 30 years ago. When we went to Home Depot to look at toilets we discovered this one, which is a Niagara. The tank doesn't sweat at all because the water stays in this upper chamber until it's flushed. It's pretty cool!!

The paint color didn't turn out quite as I'd planned, but it's all right the way it is. I can always repaint with the technique I'd planned originally, but the colors I chose when I bought the paint didn't have enough contrast for that.

It is one fabulous bathroom!!!


Opal said...

Congratulations and enjoy!!

Lisak said...

Yeah! That's awesome.