Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ah, 7-Up

Thank goodness for 7-Up. I caught a stomach virus or something and the last 24 hours or so have not been fun. No knitting, no housecleaning, no productive anything on my part. Oh well, the panic that's setting in will give me extra energy, right???

Yesterday afternoon was DD's holiday party and the kids sure had a great time! Today she brought home some wonderful ornaments she made over the last week or so.

Thursday late-afternoon to evening my sister, Karen, will arrive, and Friday afternoon we'll go pick up my parents from the airport. We're so excited to have everyone here!! My sister hasn't seen the kids in person for a year now since she's been extremely busy getting her doctorate (and the nine hour trip from her place to ours doesn't help--it's NOT fun taking the kids in the car for that long).

Gillian is VERY excited about everyone coming and got upset this evening because "Aunt Karen isn't going to stay in my room!" We're moving Ryan into her room on the crib mattress because both kids sleep with some lights on while Karen much prefers darkness (just like me). Ryan is also sleeping more heavily now, so it should be fine to have them in the same room for a week or so. It could get interesting...I foresee them waking up and playing, hopefully--them waking up and fighting is not something I'm looking forward to.

Hopefully, in between fits of cleaning tomorrow, I'll be able to finish up a few small knitted items and post them since the recipients don't read this.


Eva said...

How exciting that you'll have a full house :)

You know... when we had to share rooms, my mom made sure that in the mornings we would each find a carton of juice and some fruit or cookies next to our beds. If we fussed we wouldn't get any treats all day or the next day... it always worked out somehow :)
cheers Eva

Mandi said...

Adorable ornaments!! That's wonderful your having family in for the Holidays!! Merry Christmas & Best of luck on finishing up knitting projects!