Friday, December 15, 2006

A brush with celebrity

Greg came home this evening with a big grin and announced he'd had a brush with celebrity.

To make a long story short and because I can't tell it even close to as well as Greg can, Greg, his boss (and good friend), and his boss' wife were in the Cigar Bar after work this afternoon, and they looked over to the glass-walled cigar room and noticed someone familiar. At first they thought it was Ron White, but when he got closer ("he" being the person of celebrity status) Greg realized it was Gary Busey. Yes, apparently he *is* rather odd in real life. For a while there back in 2003 we were entertained by the show "I'm With Busey," in much the same way it's very hard to look away from a train wreck. Apparently his behavior in that show was not an act.

In other non-knitting news, I got my Christmas village set up again. I say "again" because it was originally on the ledge by the fireplace, but I had the blinding realization that we adults couldn't see it very well. (Not only that, but it was too accessible for little hands.) After putting up some "snow effect" (har har har—I taped up sheets of white tissue paper) on the glass, I set it up in the garden window. There was just enough decent-looking batting left from the village's stay on the ledge to work as the "snow" on the ground, which means I didn't have to go buy more. Yay!

Here's a pic:

Click on it to see details--it looks MUCH better blown up. The picture, that is.

The people got a little shuffled, but that's all right--nothing got broken. I, however, did not place the children under the bridge. :-)

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rori381 said...

goat belong under the bridge, not children LOL Gosh it looks great there! what a fantastic idea **wink wink**