Monday, April 16, 2007

Greg's sweater finished, bathroom remodel continues

It's been a VERY busy weekend!

Saturday I got Greg's sweater finished at long last! Of course it was just in time for absolutely beautiful weather, so he's not wearing it at the moment. It's 73° F outside right now, at 10:45 in the morning.

He won't be very happy with this picture, but I think it's very nice of the sweater. Ha! I offered to show the picture without his head but he didn't think that was funny. I've seen a lot of sweater-models (usually husbands) without heads in pictures but he doesn't look at the same pictures I do. :-)

It took me about eight months, I think--I bought the yarn in September, and it was supposed to be finished for Christmas. Obviously I missed that deadline. I did have the entire body done, and about 5" of the sleeves, and I gave it to him in pieces at Christmas. I finished the sleeves in a leisurely manner only to discover that the sleeves were huge. Really, seriously, Renaissance-puffy huge. My gauge had changed rather drastically and somehow I refused to face reality hadn't noticed. So I ripped back to my pre-Christmas length and re-did them.

This sweater is an almost-exact copy of the fleece pullovers he wears, so it's a bit oversized for a sweater. I think (hope) it'll be all right though. The yarn is Lion Brand® Wool Ease® so it's machine washable and dryable.

Here is my wonderful husband again, replacing some broken tiles in our bathroom. When he's cut them to fit the shower enclosure in, he couldn't get into the corners to cut the tiles so they broke. He's so awesome--he replaced the two broken tiles, plus the tiles that had been very shoddily installed (whoever had installed them had cut them too narrow, so just doubled up the baseboard to make it wide enough to cover it) and it looked really bad. Not any more!!

We made trips to Lowe's (Saturday and then Sunday, minus the kids) and Home Depot (Sunday again minus the kids) and bought got a new shower door that we'll hopefully install one evening this week. We also got some epoxy grout that is fabulous. W re-grouted all of the tiles and they look so much better! It was about three times the cost of regular grout but it's supposed to be a far superior product. We'll see, but so far it's great.

Last night we repainted the blue and we were able to get away with not having to repaint the walls, just the spots that needed more coverage. We were thrilled!

We also picked up a light fixture to replace this one:

Which has always seemed really low-budget compared to the rest of the fixtures. Of course it didn't match the other lights (and still won't) but that's all right. It'll be nicer than what's there, and it'll have two bulbs instead of one. That's another thing that will hopefully get done this evening or Wednesday evening. This will be the third light-fixture we'll have replaced in this house, and they've all been major improvements. What, you don't believe me? Once we get the new light in, I'll post some before and after pics of all of the lights we've replaced. Won't that be fun? ;-)


Greg said...

If you want, you can wear my sweater....

Mel said...

OMG! It's done! Let's throw a party!

It will be a wild night at Panera tomorrow! Maybe we will splurge and get 2 cookies! :)