Monday, April 02, 2007

Spammers suck

Thanks to someone hijacking my domain email ( a while ago, many of my emails are ending up in people's spam folders. Hotmail and Yahoo both automatically put my emails in the junk mail folders. Ironic, since my site is hosted through Yahoo.

This wasn't a big deal when I wasn't using that email address as much, but it's so frustrating to pay for a domain name and have my emails end up in spam folders now that I am using it more.

I'm all for jailing people who send out spam, especially those crooks who STEAL other people's legitimate addresses or domain names and send out their trash. Please, please, don't buy anything through spam emails or click on their links. I've seen television specials with spammers saying that as long as people will click on their links and therefor give them their money, they'll continue stealing email addresses to do it. Why can't these thieves pay for a domain name like everyone else, instead of causing so much frustration to those of us who are honestly trying to make a living?

Sorry, end of rant. Just check your spam folders if you're missing email from me.

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TheKnittingBee said...

Oh how frustrating. One of the domains I own has also been co-opted by spammers in the past and it's incredibly annoying and makes me so angry!