Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fair Entries

After a bit of a scrapbooking marathon yesterday, I got all of my fair entries finished and delivered this morning. Woo hoo!

Here are the scrapbook pages:

The pictures were taken late last night under artificial light so they aren't as good as if I'd scanned them, but for now they'll be all right. I don't hold much hope of them getting first place, although it would be cool! My scrapbooking style doesn't seem to be what the judges like enough for first place (which gets $50 gift certificates to one of hte local scrapbooking stores) because I don't use enough "product" in my pages I suspect. That's all right though--I'm happy with my style.

Here are the two skeins of yarn:

The top one is called King's Ransom, made from roving from my sister sent to me a while back. She really spoils me! The top one is entered into the "novice, novelty yarn" category and the bottom is in the "novive, 2-ply yarn" category.

The two other things are the Augusburg Doily and the Shetland Tea Shawl. I didn't get a good picture of the shawl before I took it to the fair, but I'll get one once it's back. Here it is pinned out on a blue sheet, so the color balance is all wrong:

So now comes the hard part, waiting until the fair opens to find out if I got any ribbons! :-)


Rebecca said...

Are you feeling any better girl? I sure hope so. Can't wait to see a big picture of the shawl and find out if there are any blue ribbons attached like I think there might be! ;) Are you still up for a spin-in next weekend?

Opal said...

good luck with the fair!

Theresa said...

I thought that your scrapbooking pages were great. My style is real close to yours and you are probably's the use of product that grabs the judges. I quit teaching heritage scrapbook pages when I got pushed to use more and more product. There's nothing wrong with it, if it's you, it's just not me. I really liked your pages in tribute to Fred. Can't wait to see if you got ribbons on the shawl and doily!