Monday, September 24, 2007

Quilting Again

It's been a long time since I've actively worked on piecing a quilt, but I'm getting back into it again.

Yes, I'm still knitting, but the quilt I started this weekend has grabbed my attention in a big way. Here's how the current quilt top looked as of last night (the blocks aren't sewn together--that will wait until all the blocks are made up):

And tonight, 10 more blocks finished:

I actually have 28 blocks right now, so three of them aren't in the picture above.

I'm really loving this pattern! It's called Trident Crossing from the book New Cuts for New Quilts and I love it! There are other books in the series by the same author, but this book is the only one that inspired me to get fabrics out of my stash immediately and start cutting. It's going to be queen size (or at least that's the plan) but hopefully it won't take to long at the rate it's going now! It would've been a lot farther on if I hadn't rotated the center section of 10 of the blocks and subsequently had to rip out two long seams per block. Le Sigh.

This is such a fun, satisfying pattern because there are only two seams to match per block, and that's it.

Hopefully tomorrow (or sometime in the next few days) I'll post about some of the excitement we've had around here.


*Rae* said...

That is a beautiful pattern for your quilt I can't wait to see the finished project

peaceangel said...

I love the colors and the pattern. Very nice.

Penny said...

Interesting, I've gotten the urge to start quilting again the last few days myself. Monkeyboy and I went shopping over the weekend to pick out a few fabrics for a new quilt for him :)

Opal said...

I love how the pattern of that quilt is off kilter. Very cool!

I hope the excitement is good excitement!

Taueret said...

oh wow, I LOVE that. Doesn't sewing anything seem to go FAST after you've been doing a lot of knitting?!

Romi said...

WOW! That is SO cool!!!