Friday, September 07, 2007

MS3 is back on track

My Mystery Stole 3 was in time out for a little while. I'd taken off the wing and added more length to the cat's paw section, but when I spread it out to admire it (and check the length) I saw this:

Something is not right just above the lifeline. I thought I'd picked up the pattern at the right place, but in reality I was around three rows off.

I just couldn't leave it like that, so I decided to rip it back:

Of course both sides were messed up but I only photographed one side.

It took me about an hour per side (maybe--that's being generous) to fix them, and here's the result:

MUCH better!! The tension issues from working back should mostly come out with blocking, and I'll tweak any of the stitches that don't cooperate.

So as of around 11:00 last night, here's what I had:

And right now I'm working on re-attaching the wing, then I just have to block it!

This has been a fun project (except for my mistakes of course) but I'm ready to have it finished.


I also finished the knitting on my Hanging Garden Stole while this project was in time out, so that needs blocking as well. It's nice to be finishing up a few things!

I also have to block my Shetland Tea Shawl before the fair--it's due next Saturday so I'd better get my act together! I've been waiting to block it so that I didn't need to re-block it before the fair--it's been extremely humid here and things don't hold their block all that well under those conditions.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Taueret said...

your stole is gorgeous. I want to learn how to do that partial ripping out thing. that's amazing.

Penny said...

Holy Cow! I am so very impressed with your skill and patience! It looks gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it blocked! I plan on blocking mine this weekend. Hopefully I can make it to KNIT Guild Monday night :D

Romi said...

Awesome! That's my favorite way to fix lace. :)

Opal said...

Ahh. Another knitter who just can't let a mistake go. Just like Romi, that's my favorite way to fix lace. So much better then ripping things out which is so discouraging. The stole is now looking magnificent in all its repaired splendor.

I look forward to seeing the block party at Chez CPO!

Theresa said...

Wow, talk about a picture that could induce a heart attack! LOL I have done it too, but it is still terrifying to see. I have set my MS3 aside because I can't figure out what to do. I think that I am not going to do the wing, but haven't decided yet. So, it's taking a rest until I can face it again! :o)

Scarlett said...

You have more courage than me. I believe I could have done that but it would have taken all day and a nerve pill. Pats on the back.