Sunday, August 09, 2009

"New" Old Wheel

I was talking with my parents and sister, and we realized that I never blogged about my "new" old wheel!

I picked up this wheel from Craigslist back in May:

I have no idea who made it, as there are no identifying marks.

It's quite different from my Fricke so I haven't really learned to use it yet. I need to learn a whole different system, since this one is bobbin-driven and I'm used to my flyer-driven Fricke. I'm hoping that once the kids are back in school I'll have a few hours to really play with it.

Speaking of school, tomorrow (Monday) is Meet the Teacher, where we find out who the kids' teachers will be. Wednesday school starts!!! I'm ridiculously excited, and so are the kids. :-)

I let Marci talk me into helping at the cafeteria on Wednesday, so I'll see the kids at lunch time. This will be Ryan's first time in all-day school and I suspect he'll be exhausted for the first few months, just like Gillian was in kindergarten. I'm really hoping that both kids continue to enjoy school.

I hope you all have had a great weekend!

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