Thursday, March 02, 2006

Diamond Fantasy Shawl KAL and A.W.V.L.Shawl update

I've just joined the Diamond Fantasy Shawl KAL at

I got distracted by the Knitting Olympics (yes, I still have to finish the second one, but it's getting close...) and put this project aside for a while. I picked it up tonight and managed to do 16 more rows, so I'm at about 42% complete. It's going really quickly! I'm nearing the end of my first ball of yarn, so we'll see how close to 50% I am when the yarn runs out. From that point I'll figure out if I'm going to add more repeats.

My DS isn't sleeping yet (and it's 10:15 P.M.!! after almost 2 hours of trying) or else I'd pop into his room and get the shawl for a progress pic. I'll grab it tomorrow and take one in good light.

It's been interesting to vacillate back and forth among the three shawls I have OTN right now: Frost Flowers and Leaves, which is in lace weight (and progressing very slowly), the Diamond Fantasy Shawl in fingering weight, and the Aran-Weight Victorian Lace Shawl in worsted weight. I'm coming to the conclusion that I really don't enjoy working with huge needles, although it is nice to get projects done more quickly.


On that note, here's a picture of my progress on the Aran-Weight Victorian Lace shawl:

The shawl measures about 13" on the left edge; it's not pulled out as much as it could be because I desperately need to get a longer needle; I had to put the stitches back on the other side about 3 times as I was pinning it out. Point protectors? Hmm, they must have been in my bag, sitting right where they were supposed to be while I totally forgot about how useful they'd be in a case like this....

The color isn't quite right on these; it's really somewhere in between. Here's a closeup of the "English Mesh Lace" pattern:

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Manda said...

Ohhh, that's so pretty!! :) I was going to make it, but I ended up giving the yarn to my mom because I don't think I'll get to it anytime soon, and with all the trouble she's been having, I almost don't want to mess with it. *lol* :)